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Our Story

A number of years ago, after sitting in commuter traffic for over 3 hours once again, we talked about making a change. We did the alarming math on our commute time and determined that we spent over 60 hours a month sitting in the car, in bumper to bumper traffic. We both had excellent jobs that paid us well and we were lucky enough to work with some wonderful people. But it wasn't enough for us. Our families lived close by, our friends were all within a 20 minute drive or seabus away, and we had a beautiful, comforting home. But it still just wasn't enough for us.

We had dreams of working outside, with our hands, on a daily basis. We envisioned raising a family in a close knit community. We wanted to live a life that revolved around being in nature and teaching our children where our food comes from and how to work for it. Pender Island beckoned to us, and we answered that call - jumping in with both feet, and sometimes landing in about six inches of mud!

Our farm is located on North Pender Island, and we have 33 beautiful acres, our piece of paradise. Our mornings start early, earlier than our previous jobs, and it starts with feeding horses. Our coffee breaks are spent overlooking the grass fields and grazing horses, with the odd glance at the white board that lists our chores for the day. Our lunch hour is spent as a family, at the table, not in front of a computer screen. Our 5pm commute time is a walk up from the horse paddock after feeding them, to enjoy a simple meal for ourselves and our two boys. 

Our backs are sore from weeding, not from sitting hunched over a desk. We are stronger than we have ever been before, and healthier in mind and body.

Many of our friends and family expressed concern over us making such a huge life change. "Farming isn't easy" we were told over and over again. And we have learned, after four years of farming, that it is not easy! It most certainly is rewarding though, and neither of us would ever trade in our overalls for office attire again. We do work hard, but when you love what you do it doesn't feel like work. Our life has become more than what we could have ever hoped for.

We thank you for supporting our small farm and local business, and for continuing to make our dream possible.